How to exclude your competitors keywords from triggering your Google ads

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Hi, welcome to PPC Problem Solvers. My name is Petra Manos and I’m from the Quantified Web. Now today’s going to be a super quick one. The topic is what do we do if we have a competitor’s keyword that we’re showing up for and if we don’t want to show up for that competitor’s keyword what do we do? Now this might not be a problem. So it might be that you actually really want to show up for the competitor’s keyword and that’s great and what that means is essentially when someone searches for your competitor you come up. But first businesses they actually don’t really want to come up for their competitor because someone might actually call up for example and say hey you’re this company can you please provide this service and then you’re constantly having to explain to people well actually know that’s not my business that’s someone else’s business and then you’re not actually converting the sale but you’re still paying for the clicks. So if that’s the situation you’re running into and you’re actually wanting to get rid of those competitor keywords from your campaigns. The way to do that is negative keyword lists. Now for this to work you can’t be using smart campaigns because smart campaigns won’t let you use negative keyword lists.

But if you’re using standard search campaigns or standard shopping campaigns you can actually set negative lists. Now if you’re in an industry where you have quite a lot of competitors and you want to use a list like this, what I suggest you do is you’d have one set of standard keywords that would be your regular negative list and then another set which would be your competitive negative lists. So in this case what you’ll do is create your competitor negative list, put the name of all your competitors in there and then apply that to all your campaigns and those competitor keywords will no longer show up. Now if you’re kind of on the fence about this and you’re not sure if you want the competitors in there or not what you can do is you can test whether those key competitor keywords are actually valuable for you or not. And one way that you can do that is by creating a competitor specific campaign. And so we’ve actually found this to be quite successful when we’re running Google ads for our clients.

What we’ll do is we’ll create a competitor specific campaign that allows those keywords and then we might remove the competitor keywords from some of the other campaigns. And the reason why that can be a benefit is that way we’re not spending all our money on competitor keywords. But we’ve still got a little bit ah in there so that we can get some of the best ones. Alrighty. Well if you’re running into this problem or others please feel free to reach out. I am Petra Manos. I’m from the Quantified Web. I am here in South Australia. You can probably hear the birds and see the gum trees. And ah yeah feel free to reach out at any time. We offer Google Ads Management Services and we can help solve individual problems like this as well. Alrighty. Well I hope you have a wonderful day and please feel free to subscribe to the channel if you want to follow the latest updates on more things that you can do with Google Ads.

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