What to do if you use Shopify and you have more than one feed in Google Merchant Centre

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Hi my name is Petra Manos and this is PPC Problem Solvers. I’m from the Quantified Web and today I’m going to share a quick story about a problem a client of ours had where in their merchant centre account they actually had two separate feeds running at the same time. Now this can be a problem because if you use feed rules like we do to make your Google ads better then you then have to apply the feed rules to both feeds especially had more than one then there could be confusion in there you might not know which one they’re supposed to be in and unless the rules are duplicated exactly the same you could have unusual behaviour in your Google Ads.

So the reason that this came up in the first place was our client was using Shopify and Shopify has a Google Channel app which connects to Merchant Centre using API so it’s called Content API and We had actually asked to install a XML file version of the feed instead. Now we recommend using an XML file because the XML file it’s got certain benefits. One is that the inventory doesn’t expire like it can in content APR feed. We can talk about this some other time. And the other benefit of an XML you can fetch it whenever you like which means that if there’s any changes then you can pull that immediately into your Google ads and also if you correct any issues that’s causing disapprovals for example you can fetch that immediately and fix problems straight away. Whereas the content API runs every day or so. Alrighty.

So that’s the reason why we had the XML feed but unfortunately the client now had an XML feed and the content API feed. Now to solve this problem it’s actually not too complex but it certainly can confuse a lot of people and what you need to do is go into Shopify. So this is a Shopify specific solution if you’re not using Shopify I’m sorry. And in that Shopify there’ll be your list of apps. Now you need to find the one called Google channel and if you scroll down there’ll be a section in there that says Merchant Centre Connection. Now if you go to that one and click disconnect. Now please only do this if you do have another feed. So don’t do this if that’s your only feed.

But if you’ve got two feeds then disconnect the Google Channel one and that way it you’ll just have the feed that you want to run. Now there’s a whole lot of different software that’s available for Shopify to set up feeds and that a lot of them are great. Do I do strongly recommend an XML1, but even if you don’t use an XML one it’s likely that whatever app you’re using is better than just the standard Google Channel one. So if you do get any other feed software you’ll most likely need to disconnect the Google Channel. Alright well hopefully that helped you out. Now we actually help clients with Google Ads. So if you’re looking for any Google Ads Management assistance or if you’re looking to have some problems of yours solved then feel free to reach out. We’re at www.thequantifiedweb.com. And also if you’re looking to solve more issues like this in the future then please subscribe to this YouTube channel. Bye.

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