What to do in Google Ads if you don’t want people to call after hours

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Hello and welcome to PPC Problem Solvers. My name is Petra Manos and I’m from the Quantified Web. Now today’s topic I noticed a client of ours of a new client had two separate campaigns that had almost identical keywords in it. Now we were quite curious about the reason for having two different campaigns that were almost essentially the same. And we found out that one of them was set up to have a schedule running during the day and one of them was set up to have a schedule running in the evening and the evening one did not have a phone extension and the daytime one did. Now if you have a business where you have a secretary and you want people to call but only during the day there’s a much easier way to do this rather than having two separate campaigns. If you have two separate campaigns you have to worry about two different budgets and then you have to worry about the volume of people that are searching for your particular times a day don’t worry about doing any of that.

Just instead when you go into your telephone extension if you open up the settings for the telephone extension you can actually just pick the time in there and set it to say nine to 5. So that will definitely solve the problem. No need to set two different campaigns at all. Alright well if this has been helpful please feel free to watch any of our other videos. You might find that some of them will solve problems you didn’t even know you had. And again we’re from the Quantified Web. We help clients with Google Ads in particular and we especially specialise in e-commerce. Alright have a wonderful day. Bye.

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