Important Google Ads tips for running promo campaigns

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Hello and welcome to PPC Problem Solvers. My name is Petra Manos and I’m from the Quantified Web. Now today is actually Cyber Monday and I thought I’d go for a walk after a really busy last week or so. I’m actually down at my local river. So we’ve got a river at the end of our street. So I thought I’d go for a walk down there. So if you hear frogs and water rushing passed that’s the reason why anyway so by the time you guys get this video Black Friday Cyber Monday all of that will have been well passed but there’s always going to be another promotional period so today I thought I’d share my thoughts on what to do during promos now promo are obviously a period of time when you are trying to make as much money as you can spend all of your budgets but there’s a few things that you need to do to be really sure that you don’t actually overspend on the wrong things.

Yeah just making sure you actually check through and make sure that you’re actually going to make the money that you expect during your promotional period. Alrighty. So first up do actually set your budgets higher during a promotional period. Now this is a mistake I see quite a lot where people just have the same budget every single month and they don’t think to actually adjust it up and down.

Now my theory on this is if you are expecting a lot of people to know about your promotion. So especially if it’s a special time of year like Black Friday et cetera. Then you want to set as high a budget as you can afford with the expectation that you’re going to get a good return on ad spend. If you have a certain budget throughout the whole year or throughout a certain quarter then instead of just keeping it the same all the time, reduce your budget at the times when you’re not expecting to make as much money so that you have more resources available in the months that you’re expecting to do well. Now in some cases that might mean actually doubling your budget in November. Maybe even tripling. And that’s fine. If that’s what you need to do then just subtract it from January. Alrighty now the next thing that I want to make sure that you don’t do because this is definitely a problem if you do is I want to make sure that you don’t reduce your return on ad spend targets too low. Now if you have return on ad spend targets on your ads which I or on your campaigns I should say which I hope that you do.

Then please make sure that you keep them relatively high and don’t reduce them too low during this time of year. So when I first started working with a client of ours we discovered that during their promotional periods they had turned off their return on ad spend target altogether or in some cases they’d set it really low by accident what they didn’t realise is that if they wanted a 13 times return on ad spend if you set 13 into the return on ad spend target what it actually means is like 0. 13% as in close to nothing And so if you wanted 13 times return ad spend you actually have to set thirteen zero zero. So 1300 is the correct target to put in. Now if you have your return ad spend targets too low and you have your budget high then what’ll happen is Google Ads will just spend your budget on just anything really. It won’t have any quality targets in place. Because you’ve essentially told Google ads that you’re happy to spend as much budget as you can without any return on ad spend. So your ads will just show up every place that’s not relevant. It’ll show to the wrong people.

You won’t get a good return from your ad spend. So do not reduce your return ad spend targets too low. On the other hand you probably will need to reduce your return ads spend targets a little bit because if you keep them really high for a higher return on ad spend Google ads might not serve your budget to the amount of budget that you need to spend. And that brings me to the next which is to make sure that you do have as much money going through your best campaigns as you can and so if you have your campaigns segmented out into different categories or different return ads spend targets or you know different types of copy keywords etcetera which hopefully you do then the next thing you’ll need to do is make sure that whatever the combinations are that’s working the best those campaigns can spend and so what that will mean is that you’ll need to selectively we call it loosening the targets so you’ll need to selectively loosen the targets and increase the budgets on those campaigns that you want to spend the most so that your entire your entire account isn’t equally spending more because most likely the paradise principles working in your case and you have some campaigns that get much better return than everything else.

Just be careful again like I said not to reduce the targets too much on those best campaigns. Otherwise they might not be your best anymore. But do make sure that those particular ones are the ones that you’re loosening and increasing budgets for. Finally make lots of money during your promotions. Actually no there is one more point on that. On the topic of making money you will want to make sure that your margins that you have in terms of when you subtract your discount from your price that the the amount that you’re spending on your ads is going to cover that. Obviously, you want to make a profit during your promotional period are not a loss. But I’m hoping you’ve already done the maths on that and you know that’s going to be profitable for you.

Oh righty. Well not so much a problem this time but some things to do and not to do. And oop the wind is picking up. And I hope you can take that advice and make lots of money in your next promotion. Now if you would like to see more of our videos. We are the Quantified Web. We have the series PPC Problem Solvers where we talk about different things relating to Google Ads for e-commerce businesses. So please subscribe and I’ll catch you next time. Bye. You.

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