How to choose between ‘price’ and ‘sale price’ when discounting

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Hello and welcome to PPC Problem Solvers. My name is Petra Manos and I’m from the Quantified Web. Now today’s video is just going to be a super quick one. We’re going to talk about what type of option to use in terms of sale price or just changing the price and this is really important when you do a promotion in Google shopping ads or Pmax ads. Now this particular issue came up today. A client asked me this and this is actually something where I often reach out and make suggestions to our clients because it can be pretty confusing how these different options set out. So one option that a lot of retailers have is they can choose to set a sale price and there’ll be a standard price and there’ll be a sale price and another option that retailers can do is they can just change the price. So whatever is the price they can just change it to a different one. Now the reason why I actually usually recommend using a sale price and having the price and the sale price different is it changes the way Google ads displays the actual shopping promotion in the shopping ad. So in the case of using a sale price with a normal price what’ll happen is the price being the sale price will actually show up in bright green on Google Ads.

It’ll be really apparent that that’s the price and then the old price which is just listed as in Merchant Centre just confuse you will be great out and will have a cross through it. So it’s pretty obvious that you have an old price at a new price. Now on the other hand if you took your price and you just changed the price what’ll happen there instead is if you’re lucky you can get what’s called a price drop badge and that’s where Google Ads recognises that your price has changed and so this automatically Google ads will identify that your prices change but the problem is if you were to change your price in a couple of stages rather than changing it all at once then Google can get quite confused and it can say that you’ve had a price drop but the price that it’s saying you’ve dropped from might be lower than your actual retail price especially if you had a small sale and then a larger sale. So let’s say your price was a hundred normally you dropped it to $75 and then you dropped it to fifty. Google ads may recognise that there’s been a discount when you just change the price but it might say price drop from 75 to 50 instead of from 100 to 50. Also when you have the price drop which is just changing the price.

The it just doesn’t look as nice in Google shopping ads it doesn’t stand out as bold as the sale price does where you have that bright bold green saying the price and that crossed off figure showing the old price. Just visually makes much better impression if you use the sale price. So I always recommend to clients to use the sale price option. But if for whatever reason you can only use the changing price option don’t worry too much I’m sure that it will still look good in your shopping ads. The main thing is to keep going and get that price changed if you’re having a promo. Alright Well that’s the end of this one. But if there’s anything that you want to know if you’ve got any problems in your Google Ads that you’re needing some help with especially if you are in e-commerce which is the field that I specialise in the most please reach out. I’m at the Quantified Web and also if you’re interested in following up on more of these then please subscribe to the channel so that you can learn about other things that you can do with your Google Ads. Alright have a great day.

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