Are your products showing up in free Google Shopping listings?

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Hello and welcome to PPC Problem Solvers. My name is Petra Manos and I’m from the Quantified Web. Now today’s problem that we are going to solve is what to do when your products don’t show up in free listings. If you’re like some businesses you might not even realise that Google has free listings. So let me just fill you in on this. Now when you look at Google shopping ads there’s two different types of ads. One is the paid type and the other is completely free. Now you don’t always see the free ones so you might not be aware of them. But if you click on the shopping tab when you’re doing a Google search then a page of products will come up and everything at the very top and everything at the very bottom that say sponsored those ones are ads that you pay for and everything in the middle are free listings.

Now if you’re like some of our clients before they started working with us you might not even realise that the free listings exist. And if that’s the case you’re doing yourself a huge disservice because everything in the free listings is free and therefore any clicks on your products in that listing will be an unlimited ad spend because there was no ad spend. So I recommend that every vendor make sure that they always have free listings turned on. There’s absolutely no reason whatsoever to not have free listings. Now sadly Google Ads does not turn on free listings by default. You need to do this yourself. And to do that you need to go into your Google Merchant Centre.

Now I recommend you go into your Google Merchant Centre and just make sure. So sign in and have a look for the ah marketing section in the merchant centre and make sure that where it says free listings you actually have it set to on and active. Now don’t get too confused with the one that says free local inventory listings, that is only necessary if you have a local feed that’s letting people know about a local store where you have items in stock. So if people want to walk into the shop. Now if you have that by all means turn that on. But for the majority of other e-commerce businesses that are purely e-commerce just make sure you have free listings turned on. Alright well I hope that this has helped you with this particular problem. Hopefully you have learnt something new here. If you don’t have them turned on I think it’ll make a big difference for you.

Now actually one more thing you might need to know. When you actually have free listings turned on you will need to optimise those listings in order for your account to show up more often in the searches instead of other retailers. When it comes to the free listings it’s really competitive. Everyone wants something for free. So make sure that your listings are showing up first. Now to do that optimisation you’ll need to actually make some edits in the merchant centre and I recommend working with an agency to do this because there’s lots of different things it can be done. It can be a bit time consuming and also there are definitely things to watch out for.

Now the Quantified Web we specialise in e-commerce PPC so Google Ads in particular and we can definitely help you out with the merchant centre optimisation so that your free listings are getting heaps of sales and you’re not paying for all of the clicks and so I strongly recommend inquiring about it if you are interested in that service so hop over to and check out our services and I hope to see you soon. Bye.

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